Is he hiding something or having an affair?

I know this guy for couple weeks and he's so open about his feelings and right away he wanted to start a serious relationship with me.He compliments me all the time,even when we are having a real serious talk about a problem which annoys me.He takes me on date and he try his best to make me feel good and satisfied ,like he doesn't want to lose me!He kind of plans for future and over all he is just too sweet.AND he has lots of baggage.Like he has a kid and he is expecting a baby from his Ex and complicated situations.But he's not living with them but he cares a lot about his babies and he's so caring.He's also have this complicated thing with his Ex too.
He explained everything about his past to me and to prove it he shared my picture on his Facebook (Public) and said he wishes that god grand him happiness.But the next morning he deactivated his Facebook and I asked him why and he said he didn't want me to go through all his past and make things even more complicated for myself and I asked him to reactive his Facebook and he did but again he deactivated it.He told me that people will judge him and will say that he left his children and it's complicated!
Is he fooling me?!

Ps. He doesn't mind to show me to his co-workers and talk about me with his mom. But all his friends and his family live in another state and I think maybe that's why he is so open here but maybe if we were near to his friends he wouldn't behave like that.
Asked Mar 20, 2015
Hmm yup no good comes from face book.. if he likes u n is completely over his ex then he'd have u on there but maybe his ex will get mad n not let him c the kid who knows with babies it get complicated.. I have one and my bf has one and we r expecting our first.. so both of us r going thru baby mamma n baby daddy drama.
Answered Mar 21, 2015
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