I am 17 and recently my boyfriend broke up with me?

he is 23 years old. he was and is a playboy and I knew everything about him. he said he is never sure about anything in his life, he loved just one girl in his life and he was with him for 5 years and after she went aways he was with many girl but just for sex not not ... I knew he is not good guy but I still fall for him... he was not like that before now he become like this he said he done a lot of bad things in his life and he wants to die when he is 34 rather then being old he is very compacted .. however, Our relation was very good until first two weeks ..he was very charming and lovely ..but he always wanted to kiss me and I don't agreed and slowly I was feeling he was ignoring me not replaying my text .. and I said to him leave me if you want just sex from me and he did ... he said it was my fault not yours I come to you and bla ..go and give chance to other guys .. and it is just my mode maybe I come back to you .. I don't know I am very confused about this I love him still ... and this is my first time I was with guy and fall for him... now he ignores me at university and when I send him text how are you .he don't replay.. but I love him
Asked Mar 20, 2015
I think you shoulda known this would happen...
Answered Mar 22, 2015
Girl move on.. he might give u an std save ur sex for someone who really cares and won't just use u. Ur still young don't let this guy ruin ur moment and possibly give u an std
Answered Mar 20, 2015
its not worth it. dont ever go back to him ever block him from everything you shouldnt be treated by a guy like this he dosent deserve you
Answered Mar 20, 2015
Why the hell r u in uni if Ur 17 and why are u dating a 23 year old
Answered Mar 20, 2015
I graduated from school when I was 16 because I started my school when I was 4 years old weird but yeah it is true .. and he purposed me and I liked him and then fall in love with him :-(
but he not even cheated on me but played with me ..he always said I love you and your very close to me but when I said I will never be physical with you after that he ignored me and stopped talking and texting me and finally broke up with me.
i don't know what to do I love him still madly ..but he I know will be with many girls already :-(
but he said we can be friends. I am very new to all this ..i don't know...
I'm sorry but it still seems all a bit too strange to me

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