Why would an 18 year old European girl get pregnant with a man that

Why would an 18 year old European girl get pregnant with a man that wants to have children but does not love her, does not want to marry her and not live in the same household? She says that her unborn daughter will have a very good father and she wants her child to have a very good relationship with her biological father, but says that she does not want child support from him. She will allow the biological father to tread his daughter as personal property as long as he does not hurt her or break local law.
Asked Mar 15, 2015
I have no idea.
This is ridiculous. He is so selfish. Why would you want your child to have a father who doesn't care about anyone but himself. If he cared, he would not let this mess come out of his mouth. He sounds like he is not a Praying man and you have gotten yourself involved with a egotistic man. Cannot imagine him saying anything about God to his child. Everybody needs Prayer in this crazy violent world. It is done now but you need to protect your child from this man who only cares about himself. I hope and Pray that he has a change of heart. Please read your Bible and get some counseling before the baby is born. Your baby will depend on you. Remember that much.
Answered Feb 28, 2018

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