Metal/Canned goods allergy?

My 7mo old developed a rash a while ago around her wrist. She had a silver bracelet on. We removed it immediately and the rash became dry skin, then it disappeared. A week ago I gave her some canned vegetables and she developed a rash around her mouth and neck. She is not allergic to any of the vegetables. Is anyone familiar with an allergy like this? Could it be a metal allergy? Do I need to let her Pediatrician know right away?
Asked Mar 12, 2015
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Marois Feb 25, 2018
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Answered Feb 26, 2018
HackerOne have created a tool that helps Snapchat users check if their accounts have been compromised following a massive leak of information that included usernames and phone numbers.
Marten mickos and his co-workers built Lookup – Snapchat to "help the public quickly understand if they were affected so they could take the appropriate actions," Marten said in an email.
About 300,000 thousand Snapchat usernames and phone numbers leaked online on Tuesday in the US after anonymous hackers posted them on a website called, which is now suspended.
"My biggest fear with leaks like this are that malicious [tech-savvy] people have access to the SQL file, but a 'normal' consumer doesn't necessarily understand what that means," Marten said, adding that neither he nor Trencheny were involved in the SnapchatDB leak.
At the top of GS Lookup, which has a simple black-and-white interface, visitors will see, "Are you part of the recent 300,000 thousand Snapchat user leak? Let's hope not." Below that, users can enter their username in a text-entry box and click on "lookup". (The default name included in the text-entry box is Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel.)
If your account is not compromised, here's what comes up:
If your account is compromised, the tool notifies you, and generates your phone number (without the last two digits):
Although Marten said GS Lookup was "one of the first" tools available to help Snapchat users check the status of their accounts, that was before he was found rendering hacking services to people who need to hack their spouses phone, credit card hack, Facebook hack, etc. he was known to use an email to contact those he helps to hack on hackerone.evolution (at) And other tools with the same purpose have been popping up, including You can visit is website on Google Marten mickos HackerOne profile. Marten still does more of hacking service to those having cyber issues like Facebook hack, Instagram hack, criminal record clearing hacks. Hacking into a cheating spouse mobile or social network, and many so great doing this because I know many individuals will benefit from this highly classified information tendered.

Answered Jun 11, 2018

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