Should I still talk to someone that blocked me on facebook?please help! Thanks in advance.

I met this girl exactly a year ago, at a Christian camp here in Mexico.
She stayed here for a week,and I was visiting her camp for the whole week.
Then when the week was over, she left back to university In, Los Angeles. So we were chatting for about 6 months, and I felt she liked me. But I didn't have any interest in her. I liked her friend.And about 6 months ago, I made her friend a drawing expressing how much I was interested in her and, sended it to the girl that liked me,so she can show it to her friend. She said "sure, no problem. I will show it to her!" But 2 days later the girl that liked me, blocked me from FacebooK! What did I do wrong!?And now she is back to Mexico, with the same Christian camp!I saw her today, after a year, but I didn't even say "hi."Should I say at least "what's up?"Or should I just ignore her all the week?This is such a dilemma.... I really want to enjoy my time at the camp, but I can't enjoy it without us being in peace. I'm a 17 year old male, if that helps.
Asked Mar 11, 2015
Edited Mar 11, 2015

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