Whats it called when you are driving in fast forward.

Whats it called when you are driving in fast forward. I think at night and on a highway. its a driving game people play in real life? maybe its not a game. maybe its a feeling or just a thing. someone showed me a video of a car driving at night and the video was in fast forward so it was all going really fast. it may have been a simulation. I think she showed me this video and said it was a feeling ? it had a special name? she may or may have not said it was also a real life driving game people play. it also looked kinda of pin hole vision-like. it also may have something to do specifically with driving on a highway?? im not sure or a winding road. also maybe its not a game in real life. all I know is that this is what inspired the music she made? any ideas? the video she showed me was pov driving a car at night on an empty winding road and it was hyperlapse and moving really fast and all the lights were bright and the lights in the car dashboard were in the pov . no hands or sight of any body parts. I cant find the video nor can I remember what this thing was called that inspired her music. idk if its a game or feeling or maybe something else. all I know is that it 100% had a special title to it.
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Asked Mar 05, 2015

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