My best friend cuts herself.

I found out my best friend was cutting herself a while back. She told me and my boyfriend (at the time) whom shes always hated.
I tried to get her to stop but she didnt listen. She just acted like it was no big deal. I've lost someone close to them cutting and its a touchy subject for me. So I snapped and told a teacher she got sent to a counselor. She didn't know who told and was blaming people so I told her it was me. I said I realize you may hate me now but I love you and I'd rather loose you as a friend than loose you forever.She hugged and thanked me.
but now no one trusts me and I dont know if shes stopped or what and Im just worried about her.

I'm sorry I just kinda ranted. I started off with a question but lost it as I was typing but honestly it feels good to tell someone.
Asked Mar 04, 2015
That was the best help for her. If you didnt help her, the deepest cut hurts the most. Shell get addicted to it and suicide! Thank you for telling a teacher! Ihope shes coping well!!
Answered Mar 04, 2015
This will seem harsh but please understand. My (once) friend is suicidal (she cuts). I was there for her but then things started happening (talking about me, taking friends away, etc.) I tried to fix the problem but she wouldn't stop. I finally decided to not be her friend and told her. She was influenceing me and I even cut 8 times because of her. I am much happier to not have bad influences on me now. I hope you can get things fixed but if you start getting suicidal than I highly suggest you make a decision about the friendship.
Answered Mar 04, 2015
I'm an ex-cutter myself and believe me, telling a cutter to stop will get you nowhere. It was good of you to tell someone. Do her parents know? I told my mum and she took me to the doctors who then referred me for therapy, although there's only one person who will get her to stop cutting, and that's herself.
Answered Mar 05, 2015
yes her parents know
You should tell your friend to go for therapy.
Or go to
She needs some profrssional help.

And what you did was right,but now...tell her that she could count on you always and you won't tell anything to anyone about her from now before asking her.
You see, you cannot help your friend if she does not realize that she has a problem or wants to be helped. No one can.
Answered Mar 05, 2015

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