Abnormal pap smear I am scared what could it possobly be?

I am 18 , 5’2 . last time I got my period was in December 8th. I was sexually active for two month and no menstrual cycle yet. Last time I was active was feb1. I had my paps done on feb17 . my obgyn said “I looked pregnant” but the blood and urine laboratory results were both negative. He schedule me for a followup on march 30. To my surprise ive gained 6 pounds in less than three weeks ,stillno period and a few days ago I had a peach discharge no ordor. No abdominal pains just headahces a lot of burping ,slight naseau and just recently my breast are sensitive. When I went to the obgyn my weight was 115pounds and yesterday for a general doc check up I weighted 121.5 . Well my obgyn called me today and said I had “ abnormal pap smear” that he needed to see me ASAP ! so tomorrow ill be seeing him . what could it possibly be? Ive done so much research but all it leaves me in suspense and it gives a lot of anxiety.
Asked Mar 03, 2015
You got cervical cancer ......:( you'll have to get it burnt or cut out. Colopsy I think it's called sadly HPV causes this I'd be going through the partners you be with. You didn't catch this it was given to you girl.
Answered Jun 08, 2015
Hopefully you worked it out by now, but I'd be extra causiois about who your hooking up with. Condoms will become your friend. It almost killed me I got it twice. :( ate all my weight and everything its not to be taken lightly.

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