I'm 12 and making a sex decision

Okay . so I get bullied a lot & I started cutting myself , my "friend" told on me & the guidance counselor tried to call my mom but I gave a fake number . < so I told him that I told her myself & he believed it . I feel so bad because my mom so my scars and I told her that I got into a fight and a girl slung me on a brick wall . idk how she believed it . but she keeps saying she's going to call the school . & her boyfriend told me that he'll make sure she don't call school . but I will owe him back . & I said okay . & he said anything he want I said yes & at first he made me hug him, now he touches me and stuff & he tried to pull my shirt up . he said he wants sex from me . please help I'm thinking about doing it . I don't want my mom to know I cut . she is on drugs really bad I don't know how she might take it.
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Asked Feb 19, 2015
If you fuck him make sure he has a condom on because he will cum a lot because u are going to be very tight .O make sure u r alone if your a virgin your going to squeal when it goes in
Letting your mother or someone else you can rely on know will be a big relief. I strongly advice you to talk to someone you can trust. If you are afraid for your mothers reaction you will do best to talk about it now rather then later. The more negative things like getting sexual assaulted by your mothers boyfriend happen to you the harder it will hit her as well and I think you should count on that she will know sooner or later.
Answered Feb 19, 2015
I was taken advantage of when I was 11 by having a 16 year old boy touch me downstairs. I am 14 turning 15 now and I am no longer a virgin... That's because I had issues with my family growing up and I had no respect for myself by the time I was 10... Now that I am older I regret doing the things I have done because it didn't bring anything but shame and disgust. I think that you should go to the school counsellor and talk to her about it and organise your mum to come to the school and sort it out... thats what I did and now I'm happier than ever
Answered Feb 25, 2015
please don't have sex with him. He is just taking advantage of the situation. If he has sex with you, he would be cheating on your mother. If your mom ever finds out, she would be so badly hurt.
And you would regret this later in your life.

And trust me, if your mom ever knows that you are hiding these cuts from her, she might be even more sad.

Please find someone, to whom you could tell this entire situation. For example, your guidance counselor. Or maybe a friend's mom or a teacher.

but please don't have sex with him. Don't do this to yourself.
I am here, if you need me. I could give you my email id of you want. Or you can reach me on Kik.
Answered Feb 25, 2015
I'm the same age as you and I know that this stuff can be hard but you have to say no. If you really think it's the right time then yes it's the right time but based on how you're describing this you absolutely shouldn't. And I don't tell my mom anything I think she will tell her sister or her friend so I don't. Honestly I'd prefer to tell the most trustworthy friend or even close cousin that I have if I have an issue. Hope this helps you and one more thing don't abuse yourself sometimes I get really mad and just need to punch something so a punching bag but if you are mad because you are overweight or just "not pretty" someone you wouldn't expect could think that you have the best eyes or best hair or something and be jealous. Good luck! (:
Answered Apr 17, 2015

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