I want to join a swim team for my school but my friend says no.

Me and my friend are really close and we get along most of the time. I'm looking in to joining my schools swim team were they go to swimming galas and things. When I told my best friend she said that it's gay and I'm a rubbish swimmer. She always says I'm bad at everything including sport which I'm not and she calls me fat. What do I do?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 12, 2015
Ignore her, don't let it get to you and do what you want. She's not your mum, it's your choice, do whatever pleases you :)
Answered Feb 12, 2015
you know swimming is like the best excercise you can do for your body right? It gets you in mad shape and soon you'll be so pretty you dont need dumbass friends like that!
Answered Feb 13, 2015

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