Teenage son being graded on Pull-Ups in 10th grade

I have a 15 year old son who is normally an A student but was avoiding me when I came home from work today. After some prompting he shared that he is failing gym class. It turns out that students are graded on how well they can do push ups, pull ups, sit ups, run, etc. His scores are compared to a national standard and he is assigned a numeric grade based on his ability to meat the standard.

I'm a little shocked at this. When I was in school we received PE grades based on effort and participation - being able to do 16 pull ups in 60 seconds was not the standard of success.

My son is a healthy young, he is not over weight, but has never been overly athletic. He has been busting his ass to get great grades so that he can have broader college options, but this class is going to bring his GPA down significantly.

My gut reaction is anger and wanting to address this with the teacher, principal, and/or school board. Even the AAHPERD and COPEC both say clearly that it is inappropriate for children to be academically graded on physical fitness!

Also it gets under my skin a bit that they have different standards for the students based on their sex. The girls in his class are required to do significantly less than the boys in his class to achieve the same grades. Does that seem right? Sure boys are usually stronger than girls but girls are also usually better spellers than boys - shall we give the boys easier vocabulary words too?

Please give me advice.
Asked Feb 06, 2015
Talk to the school's administration. If they won't budge, you may be able to talk to your state's governor one way or another (if you're in Murica).
Answered Feb 27, 2015
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