Need a movie suggestion

I always like disturbing sick movies !!
But I do watch normal girly movies including thriller , comedy , alien invasion and super-hero kinda movies too .. In other words I watch all type of movies .. but I just like sick movies more . donno why !!

So far my favorites are :
- Martyrs
- Inside (french)
- Saw
- The human centipede - 1 and 2
- I spit on your grave - 1 and 2
- the last house on the left

Any suggestions for me ??
Know any good movies fit in this category ??

And what kinda movies you guys like ??
- just curious :D
Asked Feb 04, 2015
Edited Feb 05, 2015
Unfriended! I heard its really good! :D I don't know if it has already came out in theaters where you are, but its super good! And scary!
Answered Feb 05, 2015
Edited Feb 05, 2015
I love the hunger games!
Answered Feb 22, 2015
Edited Feb 22, 2015
If you like Romantic movies, here are some of the all time great romantic movies-
A Walk To Remember
A Millionaire's First Love
Only You
50 First Dates
Valentines Day

May be, you would have watched most of them but in case you didn't then you should see these.

Watch and Download similar movies from -
Answered Mar 02, 2015
You could watch :
When a stranger calls
Horrible Bosses
Answered Mar 02, 2015
Here's a list of movies I dont know if they fit your like:
Santaniel Man
Leon the Professional
The Borowers

Answered Apr 12, 2015
Edited Apr 12, 2015
If you'd like to watch a particularly strange/mystical/scary movie, I suggest She Creature. It's about a killer mermaid, who just so happens to be beautiful - until her transformation.
Answered Apr 28, 2015

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