What high school courses do I need to become a Science teacher?

I've been searching but can't find any good answers! I want to teach science in middle school (grade 6-8) and I am not sure what grade 11 & 12 courses I need to take to become a Science teacher in Canada.
And what program/Degree is required?
Asked Feb 01, 2015
Obviously you would want as advanced science classes as you can take. See if your school has a science club or something like future teachers of America. Join both if your school has them. But it's what classes you take in college that really matter. You should be able to talk to colleges that offer science teaching degrees to find out what classes you'll need, they might even have some ideas on what to take in high school to at least prepare you for a science teaching degree as well as possibly some classes you can take in high school that will count as college credit. Maybe your school's guidance or career counselor could at least put you in contact with the right people if not actually help you themselves.
Answered Feb 01, 2015
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Answered 9 days ago
I have searched some good answers on the following sites :


Answered 2 days ago
To teach science at the middle or high school level, you'll need to earn a bachelor's or master's science education degree, or get a degree in your field of science and complete a teacher certification program

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