My classmates are doing drugs outside of school, I want it to stop.

I have a VERY small class of 15 kids, I know them all well.. Apparently a few of them are doing drugs outside of school... I just want them to be safe, how can I help them? I am usually very shy as well
Asked Jan 30, 2015
I believe that most people take drugs and other substances to take their mind off of other troubles, or there taking them because its cool.

one thing I suggest is to overcome your shyness and talk to them, ask them strategic questions about how there doing or how there family is . maybe you can become friends with them in the long run.
you could always plan a study group at theirs to see how they live .. maybe there depressed and their trying to be- rid off themselves with drugs .

they might thank you for this too :) take there stress or depression off there shoulders, and have someone to talk to !
Answered Jan 31, 2015

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