Why dont women let guys see their face without makeup?

what could posibley be the big deal?
Asked Jan 29, 2015
Because some guys only like girls with clear skin, and girls feel a bit insecure without makeup because they don't want a guy not to like them just because of there face and how many pimples and blemishes are on there face when they don't have makeup.
Answered Jan 29, 2015
Guys like that are shallow idiots anyways
I don't get it either. I much prefer a natural beauty than a walking Barbie doll. Perfect example are two women I work with. First off the living Barbie doll, and I mean literally. She is a fairly tall, well proportioned, blonde with blue eyes. Never leaves her place without makeup, even to go to the gas station for gas. Admittedly a very beautiful woman. Lyndsay is the kinda girl that needs validation from men though, and I'd rather not deal with that. Then there's Erica, my best friend. She is a natural beauty. She never wears makeup, she hates it to be honest, and still she can walk into any room and be the most beautiful woman there. I prefer no makeup myself. Its real, its raw, its natural. And what's more beautiful than nature?
Answered Jan 29, 2015
Girls wear make up to think that it may cover up something that they don't have. I naturally would not wear make up unless I was bored out of my mind and needed to entertain myself. lol But yeah I think that if a guy likes a girl. He should like her for her natural looks. So whether he likes me or not I know its out of natural looks. And not out of shallowness. Also the only other times I would wear make up is if I'm forced to at a family marriage. And the bride tells me I absolutely have to. Which is annoying but gotta make the bride happy right? lol
Anyways.. Natural beauty I believe is the way to go.
Answered Feb 01, 2015

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