Can a teacher help you during the final exams?

During my final exam (Gr.10 math) my teacher decided to "help" us by going through the tests and not letting us leave until the tests were answered correctly, or to her satisfaction.
The first time I finished (after the 1hr mark) I requested to leave, and she refused, checked my work and told me to correct questions.
The second time I finished, she repeated the process, when I accused her with tampering with my test, and cheating she informed me that it was alright and it was simply "helping"

i informed my vise-principle and he told me that, yes, it could be cheating. but seeing as its beneficial to the student, he would do nothing to stop her.

though as a student i'm pleased to have teachers that want to help me in school, but she did this last year, and when I moved into a different class I learnt I did not learn anything from the year before
(and was moved back to her class this year) I am now worried that i'll go through high school then find out I can not do simple math!

i wish to know if this is permitted, and if not who could I speak to about this?
Asked Jan 29, 2015
Yes, of-course your teacher can help you during the final exam but it depend on teacher mood.
Some time teachers become so irritating when you ask any thing within in off days.

Answered Jul 04, 2015
Edited Jul 04, 2015
Its for your good! In many schools, teachers don't wait even a second after the time gets over, as a result, kids get lower gradeṣ.at least your teacher already tells you that your answer is incorrect, so you have a chance to rewrite.
Answered Jul 24, 2015

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