I have oral sex with my son, my husband has mixed feelings about it?

I've always been an open minded woman, I was close to my family growing up, we was a tight little bunch! Now I have a family of my own I wanted to be the best family we can be, no secrets and can always talk to one and other. My son is 16 and he seems under developed, as he hasn't started masturbating yet. His dad and I have urged him it's very natural but he doesn't seem to bothered, although I think it's because he hasn't been taught sex education at school, so I though I would talk to him about it. I decided to personally help him, for a weeks I would show him how to put a condom on and watch pornography to show him safe sex. I decided to show him sexual outer-course, such as masturbation and oral sex. I would show him how to have oral sex with by letting him demonstrate on myself and me demonstrating on himself. It didn't feel dirty but educational for the both of us as he would learn how to pleasure a woman and I would learn his ability. I confessed to my husband and he had mixed feelings on the matter, commenting that it was borderline incest, I disagree. I just wanted to know your opinions and if anyone has used this technique?
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Asked Jan 25, 2015
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defw00 Oct 31, 2020
This is really disgusting... Very disgusting.. Im shocked that you're husband is being so calm about this. Do you want you're son to want to stay away from you? Do you want him to feel regretful and horrible about this later on? And probably now? Have you thought of the fact that he may not feel like becoming sexually active yet? You are his mother, why would even want to do this to him? Talking to him about this topic is enough, you dont need to having oral sex and what not with him in order to teach him. Everyone is ready for things in different times, you may think that this is a "good idea", but it's not. You are ruining him!

You have no idea what you've done....
Answered Jan 31, 2015
Edited Jan 31, 2015
wtf that's disgusting. you should be arrested...
Answered Feb 08, 2015
Stop raping your son u crazy bitch!!
Answered Jun 20, 2016
Answered Jan 27, 2015
Wtf .. Lml
Answered Jan 31, 2015
WTF! gross, u mental, jk. but that is wrong.
Answered Feb 09, 2015
Wow, so many things to say- trying not to judge here. So first of all, not being taught about sex doesn't prevent you from getting into things like masturbating and having sexual thoughts. Really it sounds like your son might be asexual- which there is nothing wrong with, and you shouldn't be having oral sex with him to try to change that. Another thing, what you did was illegal (and illegal for a good reason) and really just fucked up. I consider you doing that to him sexual abuse and something you should be arrested for. You need to leave your son and his sex life alone.
Answered Jul 28, 2016
That's rape
Answered Aug 26, 2016
I wont blame your husband .. I have mixed feelings about this too .. its very inappropriate for a mother to give sex education like that .. teacher's are for a reason . if he has a question you can answer that verbally .. if you do oral sex on your son then its not educational . its sexual abuse .. he might not say anything because he is enjoying it .. and that is exactly why you shouldn't do it . this would effect his whole life .. now you are his first .. see how eeew it sounds like saying "the first woman who gave me a blowjob is my mother"
If he is not sexually active , that means he not ready for it . when he is ready he would know everything by himself .. nobody taught me anything . in my country sex before marriage is banned . so we don't get sex education in school . but we eventually learn everything . and cause we like causing trouble we do it secretly though its not allowed . Let him grow and learn by himself . if you demonstrate on him , then you are taking advantage of his lack of knowledge .. I don't wanna judge you or be rude . this is just my opinion .
Answered Jan 28, 2015
Don't do it again !!! ITS AGAINST THE LAW
Answered Oct 11, 2016
Mother sex with boys goes on in families more than you think. The secret relationship that mothers have with their sons is powerful. Women's sexuality is much greater than men's. Women need more sex, then men do. When women do not get their husbands' needs, they turn to other males for it. That means they turn to boys to get it. Women feel very sexually toward preteen boys and teen males because their youthful bodies is a real turn on for them. Mothers are giving their son oral sex has been going on from the first day of life on Earth. It will never stop. When a boy bonds with his mother that there are no issues. If the boy does not bond with his mother is when he tells on her. These female teachers in school get turned by the boys because they do not bond with their teachers. The only relationship of a teacher to a student is to teach them, and when that school year is over, the boys move on and the relationship ends.
Answered Oct 02, 2020
your not a real parent that is disgusting why would you have sex with someone you gave birth to.
Answered Oct 18, 2020
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Answered Oct 28, 2020
What in the Kimmy Jo Bob backwoods mullet fuck is going on here? Talk about strange family issues. I seriously wonder what table talk is like during dinner...So you're husband has mixed feelings about you trading oral pleasure with your 16yr old son?! Ummm....Woman you're lucky you're not wearing designer oranges, cuddling with Big Becca in the penitentiary, let alone divorced by your husband.

Yep. I'm judging. This is extra gross. As for the people saying this is normal, y'all need to hop on the next meteor that passes this muthaf##ka. I mean some dude just confessed that he wants to splooge down his daughter's throat. Ummmm..CPS anyone? I know we all have wierd thoughts but shiiiiiit! That's kinda dark dude and way past whatever line there even was.
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I have mixed feelings about this but at the same time im just like oh yah I should do this to my son lmao idk what 2 say if I get pregnant of course lol
Answered Jan 28, 2015
Edited Jan 28, 2015
Unlike all these (can't think for themselves, follow the leader, religion/society is right and trust in the government,) type of people commenting on here.

I think that your approach to educating your son is only a logical natural essense of human nature and should not be thought of as wrong or disgusting, if child and parent feel comfortable engaging in a sexual educational experience together then that is their business and how you see best fit to educate your own children in this matter, so why should it be any of our concern, in fact I feel it could only draw the individuals closer in a more trusting and loving family kind of bond, on the other hand any parent who would leave their very own childs sexual education up to the school system would not be a very good, loving and caring parent in my opinion and should've never had children if they can't even take on their parental responsability of sexually educating their child without embarrassment or shame on their part. It seems to me that such parents with this type of attitude or belief could be nothing more then immature themselves.

The only reason these people have such a negative attitude about your methods is because they have been brainwashed/programed since they were born, through fear and ostracization into believing that the corporate governments, religions of the world and westren societies beliefs are the proper way to think, they have simple mindedly bought into thousands of years of religion and hundreds of years of societies unnatural man made doctrine that teaches it is wrong and bad for society and children, when in reality their beliefs are nothing more then the perverting and disrupting of nature itself and all that is natural.
Answered Jun 27, 2016
You are sick in the head parent souldn't cross that line
There is a difference between being open-minded and just being a rapist. This is rape and it's not okay.
Moooooo Oct 14, 2016
i'm glad you said this about it. it is natural and safe

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