I'm trying to find a certain one-shot manga but what is it?

I'm trying to find a certain one-shot manga, but I can't remember ANYTHING EXCEPT PLOT!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
Anyway, I only remember vague details about it so...
It's about (I think) the main character (a girl) who visits the beach for almost every summer, but she meets these three children (one younger boy, one younger girl, and one boy about the same age as the main character) one summer. Another random detail is that all four children are supposedly named after the seasons. They play together (every?) summer and the main character even falls in love with the boy as the same age as her until either the girl or the other children didn't come to the beach. The ending should run along these lines: the main character is shown she is in high school and she runs into the boy (who was about the same age as her). And then happy ending.
The genres should be along drama, shoujo, romance, and of course one-shot.
I know this is a lot of things and they're all pretty vague, but if this rings a bell to anyone I'd appreciate if you know the title! THANK YOU
Asked Jan 21, 2015

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