My Sister wants to have sex or she'll give out personal info to sociey Help

ok I'm 16 my sister is 17 she has apparently seen my penis (don't ask how cause idk) and she wants to have sex with me or shell tell everything that's personal to all my friends should I?
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Asked Jan 20, 2015
Incest is wrong and virtually everybody on this site knows that. Don't do it!
Don't do it.

If she forces you tell her to wait some time.
And, in the meantime You should find out something personal about her. Like something bad from her past. You could find out something from her school or her friends's siblings. Or some teacher.
If you find out you could tell her that you would expose (the dark thing you found out about her) if she forces or blackmails you.

Another way is to tell your parents about it. Or if you don't want to tell your parents, tell a teacher or someone elder to help you about this.

Also, if you need any more help, I am here for you.
Answered Jan 21, 2015
Heck NOOO!!! You should never ever ever have to be forced to have sex with your sister! First of tell her to go to a party and have sex if she's wanting to get some soooo badly. You shouldn't have to be pinned down to that point ever in life. IF your wanting a way out. Here it is. Try to get her to ask you again. and record her saying it. Or record yourself asking her. And make sure to say.. remember how you wanted to get with me? and she'll be like yah. then be like I can't tell my friends everything and I'll tell our parents. She'll say you have no proof. Tell her to put you to the test. If she does tell your friends. Tell her that you'll tell them that the reason why she's saying that is cause she wants to have sex with you. And then play the recording for them to hear. But when you record. Make sure that you make her look at fault and everything. So if she blackmails you no one will believe her story because of your recording and everything! Don't have sex with your own sister. It will most likely haunt you later!
Answered Jan 20, 2015
or are you wanting to do that too? trust me... never worth anything to do incest,,, I am a learner.. though I didn't do it out of want.. force... and I wish never did. Trust me you'll regret it... but yeah.. Incest is never the way to go.. also I got the cops involved and got that person almost put in jail.. which literally almost broke up our families.. so yeah just DONT do it..
That is actually a nice plan. Up vote to you.
Jane16 Jan 21, 2015
That's illiegal
Answered May 27, 2015
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