Im 9/10 and im gonna run away

hi im in 4th grade and I cant handle life anymore, my whole life iv been bullied and I aleady self harm, I have an eating disorder and im stuck on depression pills what nobody else my age takes arrrrrrg :( I amsolutly hate my life and cant stand that my carers are always whispering about me, im gonna runaway this wont be the first time iv done this but this time I wanna go for ever and ever has anybody got any ideas on what to take and where to go cause I dont want to be out in the street with wierd adults so please I need places to go :‚(
Asked Jan 17, 2015
1.) tell me who bullies you

2.) stop self-harming

3.) go on a healthy diet

4.) stop using depression pills if they aren't working

5.) Humans naturally know it's rude to whisper about people and the brain triggers guilt when they do; there's a very low chance your care takers whisper about you rudely (I'm guessing you mean care takers, what are carers?)

6.) Don't run away, that's the worst choice when you're life isn't doing too great

7.) Talk to me. I can help. Talk to anyone, really. Feel free to give me an email at [email protected]
Answered Jan 17, 2015
my carers are my foster perents, and they always whisper nastily about me, mainly to do with my self harming. im 9/10 so how do I know I can trust you to talk to?

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