Do I have BDD? (body dysmorphic disorder)

I have had this thing with my weight for over a year, I weight 7 stone 3/4 and is a size 8 but I will see fat and not skinny enough like everyone else and don't have a flat stomach like them it puts me in a mood when I see someone skinny even if I'm in the happiest mood ever it just drops. I always look in the mirror at my weight and have to look skinny to stop inking about it for a while. If y add all the times I look it's abot half my day gone, snd always inking about it, counting how much I eat throught the day and recently started looking at calories I can't remember the last time I didn't worry about it all and it makes me just so upset that this is what my life is thinking about it all, a few months ago I starved my self to get thin, but I was making myself I'll and weak so I stopped but the thoughts dont
Asked Jan 17, 2015

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