Illegal immigrant gets pulled over by police in Colorado? Will he go to jail?

So my boyfriend of almost 3 years was pulled over last night. He is illegal. He has been in the states for almost 10 years. He got pulled over for not completely defrosting his windows off. They just gave him a ticket for not having a license and then let him drive away. He has been pulled over 3 times before but This is the first time in four year being pulled over again. But everytime hes been pulled over have been for minor issues. He just went to court paid a fine for not having a license and thats it. So will the same thing happen this time??? He is going to make an appointment today to go get his license since illegals in Co. Can do that now. I just want to make sure he wont go to jail cause thats the last thing we need cause I am 6 months pregnant and I need him. Im scared. Can anyone tell me what will happen. Do you think itll be the same as before hell just have to pay a fine? I mean his record is super clean besides those tickets from the past. Will everything be ok?? I just want to know please dont be rude. Thank you.
Asked Jan 16, 2015
I hope he gets sent back to where he came from or he applies for a visa to be in this country legally.
Answered Jan 17, 2015
yes he will lol
Answered Jan 20, 2015

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