Am I too young to be twerking?

hey ya'll im in 4th grade and I have a boyfriend who is in 9th grade, we watched the miley cyrus “feeling myself” song video and really want to do a cover of both of us singing and twerking together, do you think it would be an ok think to do? I know its random but I really need to know also I would like to know if you think our perents would aprove baring in mind both families are strict christians. please tell me the truth
Asked Jan 14, 2015
Twerk for me nice and small
What. The actual fuck. You're in fourth grade, and you're dating a NINTH GRADE STUDENT!? What is this world coming to...

Answered Jan 14, 2015
he's not like a boyfriend though hes more like a big brother and whats a slut?
Yess .. You're Too Young my dear .. Not to be rude but you shouldn't be dating even .
Answered Jan 16, 2015
why cant I be dating im not a baby anymore? :\
What in the actual fuck??? You're a slut.
Answered Jan 16, 2015
Okayyyy I may be a little late but don't worry your not a slut! Though you may be too young to date a ninth grader. Yes you are too young to be twerking! It is a sexual act. Any teenagers even should be twerking.
Answered May 19, 2015
No you're not to young to twerk although some people will tell you that you are because they have some kind of hang up about seeing young kids doing such dance moves in public or private, but that's their problem that they have to learn to deal with and you shouldn't make it a problem for you!

I think you would know better then any of us what your parents will feel about your cover project, but if they are Christians I'm pretty sure they won't approve of you doing that. best thing is to keep it to a private show..
Answered Jul 24, 2015

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