My friend cuts herself

I need your mom has this friend and her friend has a daughter (let's call her A) and my mom and her friend are always talking about their kids like regular moms do but the thing is my mom tells me everything about I found out that A selfs harms. Me and A are kinda close we could be closer but I'm so awkward plus I kind of like her (I'm a girl also) A told me she was bi a couple months ago.we both come from strict Christian families so we can't come out. A doesn't know I'm bi idk I just can't tell her yet. Anyways I really want to help her but I'm not supposed to know she cuts. how do I let her know I'm here for her?I feel like A's mom can't understand her she just sends her to a Christian councillor or grounds her for cutting. When I asked A why is she grounded she blames it on chores or grades but I know the real reason.I just want to help her
Asked Jan 12, 2015
Let her know that you are there for her by simply telling her. You don't have to let her know that you know she is cutting, because this could be embarrassing for her. Simply tell her, "I've noticed you look sad lately. Is everything ok?" or "If you ever need to talk I'm here for you." Sometimes when others reveal something vulnerable about themselves, its easier for the other person to disclose something personal. If you open yourself up to her, she might open herself up to you. And of course simply spending time with her let's her know that you care about her and enjoy her company. You don't have to tell her your bi. Sometimes a lingering hug or holding their hand lets them know. Just tell her that you think about her and miss her when she's gone. It can be difficult to be raised by such a conservative christian parent but those days will pass. You are your own person. Don't ever let someone make you feel bad about who you are.
Answered Jan 21, 2015
I have met so many normal looking girls who I found out cut themselves. Its cause they are emotionally insecure and there is some part of their life in which is so stressful they find the need to relieve themselves through cutting because apparently it feels good
Answered Jan 21, 2015

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