Help please, I don't know what to do,I am in a huge dilemma :(

I became friends with a girl of my college,online, 2 months ago.We texted and became really close friends with sweet chit-chats and jokes . About 2 weeks ago we both confessed we had feelings for each other.Our vacations are going on and college is about to re-open tomorrow.We both have our last year in college. She texted me recently that she is very eager to meet me as college re-opens.But yesterday I heard that she will be going to some other college abroad for this year(as her performance has been exemplary). :( :( :( :( :(
So with every piece of a broken heart,I texted her that I'm really happy she's going and all.She texted with thanks and smile.I was surprised,I mean,wasn't she even a bit concerned with our first meeting that might probably be our last??? I really really like her,n she does like me too.But maybe she's too busy preparing for her leave and the thought of her leave might have made her forget me :( . So tomorrow we are going to meet in college(don't know it'll last 5 minutes or an hour) and day after that she'll leave.What should I do? Should I tell her that I'll wait?? I'm sure she also had feelings :(. Or should I just let her go with a smile? Or anything else? please help :( :(
Asked Jan 12, 2015
personally I would be happy for her and I would try to be as supportive as possible but im probably not the best person to ask because I have never experienced what you are experiencing right now. I hope my info was supportive.
Answered Jan 12, 2015

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