Why do white women act like black men and white men are better than indian men

They always seem the perpetuate this elitist propaganda against Indian men FOR NO REASON. They just cherry pick the "positive" things about black men and white men and ignore the negative things about black men and white men to try and push their biased agenda against Indian men. If a story in the news appears about a white man or a black man raping a white woman people will just ignore it and not care much about it but when its a story about a case about someone being raped in India every starts becomes outraged and then start to claim all Indian men are rapists. I am not condoning rape but its unfair to accuse Indian men specifically of rape just to feed your egos whilst blacks and whites are also committing rapes. If you think black men are so special and good then go to Africa where women are raped by blacks every day.
Asked Jan 09, 2015
Honestly you just sounds racist/ racist views any colour/ nationality can have any of the traits depending on them personally, who they been brought up by and their friends also geographical area they were born in.
Answered Jan 13, 2015
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Answered Aug 16, 2016
Truly you just sounds bigot supremacist sees any shading nationality can have any of the attributes relying upon them by and by. Men`s watche increment the identities of men's.

Answered Sep 27, 2017

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