Silk road arrest- advice?

Okay so this is just about the craziest thing that's ever happened to me,

I got woken up at 8am by the national crime agency informing me I was being arrested on suspicion of intent to supply drugs on Silk Road. They came all the way from London. I live in Liverpool, UK

They seized every electronic device in my household. Even asking my mum "nice house you have how long have you lived here" to which she replied "20 years" - I live in a semi detached house. It's really not that impressive and quite small.

They also searched my student accommodation where they found goggles and face mask, like the ones you use while painting. I live in student accommodation, they found them in the kitchen shared between six people, it was a flat mate's breaking bad Halloween outfit.

They told me due to the recent seisure of servers in the US they have accent to conversations they previously never had, and the account in question on Silk Road was said to involve a team of 15 people all involved in differing roles from customer service to manufacture and distribution.

I was taken to my nearby police station where they interviewed me and asked questions such as "so your studying computer science" "would that make you quite knowledgeable of the workings of Silk Road" "Why do you have two bank accounts" - I have a bank account I've had for years and a student account with an overdraft. The face mask they found, they said, suggested I was involved in the manufacturing/packaging of illicit drugs. I was advised by my solicitor to reply no comment to every question.

They told me the reason for arrest, is that I have acess to i.e. my name is listed down as "allow acess to:" a self storage unit. In this unit normal household items were found in conjunction with a legal? drugs testing kit. This self storage unit belonged to an individual they suspect is involved with the Silk Road account.

I know the bar for reasonable suspicion for grounds of arrest is low, but this is rediculous. If they found a drugs testing kit in my car, for example, next to some one else also in the car, they would not arrest me, and enter my parents home and seize all of my computer's. Even if they believed the other individual in the car was involved in

I have never signed for anything for the self storage, attended it or even knew about it. I have never used the silk road account in mention or any bank accounts associated. I do know the other suspect and talk to him so they will probably find logs about me talking to him, but nothing about the Silk Road account, Innever know about it.

I am just worried worried they're twisting evidence, one of the arresting officers said "it's understandable you answering no comment till we have all facts" or something very similar, it did, to me, seem like he already thought I was guilty. If I have any donwnloaded tv shows will they charge me for that? They really want to solve this case, I mean even the fbi are involved. If they think I'm guitly but can't prove it I fear they may charge me with something very trivial. Like the anti gun unit openly do in liverpool, take people to court over driving tickets if they think they are involved with firearms, well you catch my drift.

I have to sign bail in the town centre every week, and have to sleep at my mums. All my uni coursework is due next week and they have all that. I really don't know whether to tell uni, they may find it dodgy and follow the case closely.

I thank you for taking to time to read this and thank you in advance for your replies. I would be greatful for all your opinions. Can't believe this is happening to me.
Asked Jan 08, 2015
Woah man, that's pretty deep.

You know what they say, shit happens. I can't suggest much, but I recommend hiring a part-time attorney and suing the police for "jumping to conclusions without evidence"
Answered Jan 09, 2015

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