I found drugs in my dads room and don't know what to do.

Okay so I will start off with saying both my parents have a huge history with drugs. My mom started using drugs in her late teens and so did my dad. My mom met my dad at rehab ironically and one night they were talking about their fun times with drugs and thought they would use again for old times sake and became heavy users of heroin, cocaine, meth, crack and drugs like that. My mom had me later on and my two sisters after that. The good thing about my mom is she never used drugs while pregnant with any of her children. My dad lived with my mom who lived with her mommy dad and my mom broke up less than a year later because of my dads constant leaving and not coming back for weeks at a time. She then met my sisters dad and had my sister with him they both still used drugs. As I lived with my dad about 2 to 3 years later because my dad framed my mom with a cop. She spent 6 months in jail and it could have been up to 3 years if she didn't need surgery on her finger because of Mersa ( sorry if I mispelled it ) and so she got out of jail early and went to a halfway house in Lancaster, Pennesylvania. And I lived with my dad and he supposedly "Quit" drugs but as I soon discovered about 6 years later that he didn't ( as many hints occurred to me in between that time ). So after a little while my dad got a girlfriend who aslo had a drug past who he met at drug court for getting caught with pot. So anyway they were dating for quite awhile with many fights and problems with drugs that he tried to hide and blame her for it all. Anyway I moved back with my mom because he was in and out of my life. I lived with her in Scranton Pennesylvania. We were pretty poor and living off of her security check. She then met a guy named Mike who also had a drug history and my mom was clean for a very long time. But as soon as Mike got out of jail my mom changed. I noticed them fighting more. Mike was always out ( Selling drugs ) and my mom was just not right. she and mike had my youngest sister Jayda. We moved to a bigger house about a year later. One day we were all having dinner and child and youth came to pee test them and they said they didn't want to do a pee test and she said have you been using and they admitted to it. They had suboxin in a skittles wrapper and my mom went upstairs to get all the pills and told the agent to watch Jayda and she didn't and Jayda grabbed the skittles wrapper and ate the subboxin and had a very close near death experience. I moved back with my dad my mom went to rehab and Jayda went to live with my gram. And mike went to jail. I've been living with my dad for about 4 years now and anyway last year after Christmas I found a foil pipe looking thing and I sent a picture to my mom. My mom came up with the cops and he almost went to jail but he hid it before the cop can find it. Of course I got grounded for2 months and lost all privileges. I only tell my good friends this stuff and I only have three good friends and I intend to keep it that way.so for a couple of days my dad went to work for my aunt because he is a construction worker and she needed stuff done. Since I've noticed many many differences since he was in rehab years ago I went in his room to look for something. I found a huge bag of weed. Not surprised since I smell it on him 24/7 I also found a pipe in his room. Then I look in his little file box and I found porn. Lots of it and many many needles. Then I almost fell to my knees and I didn't know what to think. I thought maybe it was from when he did do drugs but I wasn't sure. I recently looked in his room and found K2;Spice AKA legals which is synthetic maryjuana. I also found about 40 packets of heroin. They were inside of a white packet with a stamp that said " Heavy Wieght " and the inside was filled with a powdery substance and I found a tar kind of substance too. I don't know what to do. I have also wanted to live with my mom since I moved back with my dad. He never hangs out with and oftenly nods his head to sleep while sitting up and even on days he doesn't work which is a sign of heroin. I need some kind of advice. Someone please give me some advice....
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Asked Jan 08, 2015
Hey I'm so sorry u r going thru.this. remember you are special and here for a reason Jesus loves u. How old r u? What u need to do is live life on your own focus on.school get a good job and move out. Don't do drugs. I'm sure ur folks love u but r just strung out. Do it for yourself u will feel so much better and what I mean by do it for Ur self is living on it own supporting ur self. I'm here if u ever need to talk.
Answered Mar 02, 2015

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