My body isn't how I want it, help?!?

I am 16, I am somewhere between 5'3 & 5'4 . I weigh around 125. I play softball year around. I am constantly looking the mirror and hating what I see. Everyone tells me that I am "so skinny" and I am crazy for worrying so much. But I know how I feel. I feel as if every time I take a bite that I am gaining so much weight. It's not in my families genes to be heavy at all, I need help. What can I do to make myself feel better? Exercising isn't the issue, I do that regularly.
Asked Jan 03, 2015
if u eat something ,lets say a pizza , u wont gain a pound overnight !! I think u are normal for your height and age , try eating healthier , so when u do tht u wont feel guilty , like eating fruits and not nearing fast unhealthy foods , u should accept yourself and eat ENOUGH calories coz this obssesion will not do u any good , trust me !
Answered Jan 04, 2015

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