How do I get my teacher to treat me and the other students fairly?

I have this one teacher who treats me like sh*t. I work my a** off in her class and she gives me bad grades. For an example, she once took off ten points of an assignment I did just because I did extra work. How stupid of a reason is that to take points off? I do assignments and I put my best effort in, but she still grades me as if I did a half a** job. This woman has never treated me respectfully and even on the first day of school before she even knew my name, she hated me. However, I'm not the only kid she hates. Tons of other students have her and they say the same thing I do. In fact, all the kids that I sit with at lunch have her and half the time at lunch, we all spend the lunch period complaining about her and how she treats us unfairly. She has a handful of favorites who get all her respect and the better grades. I don't understand why she has to do this and I think she should have to treat all of us equally regardless of our race, religion, nationality, or our family's income. My GPA has suffered because of her and I used to be a straight A student. It's not like I get in trouble all the time and make her job difficult. In fact, I am very quiet and I do the best I can do at school. I need to know what to do about this woman, she has almost crosssed the line and I still have 1 more semester to deal with her.
Asked Jan 02, 2015
tell her politely that you dont feel like your being treated the same as everyone else and teachers are bastards in my opinion
Answered Jan 02, 2015

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