Im 22 had unprotected sex six days ago today I am vomiting and nauseated could I be pregnant help

I am 22 I had unprotected sex six days to this day..i am vomiting, and feeling nauseated. Could I be pregnant what do I do or need to do
Asked Dec 28, 2014
Any time you have unprotected sex you run the risk of pregnancy and contracting an STD. It sucks I know, but you need to protect yourself. Get a pregnancy test from a pharmacy to find out for sure. And use condoms or get on the pill going forward. Also, you should get your bf to use an antibacterial penis health creme once a day. Keep in mind that he can transfer bacteria to you during condom-less sex acts like oral etc. This bacteria can lead to odors or even an infection. You want none of this... so get him a creme. You can get one online. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Jun 14, 2017

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