I need a new business idea

I have a pretty successful website helping couples conceive, and also selling fertility products.. I have completed the site, though I am still updating it regularly. Now I am looking for a new business venture which I can do full time (obviously I will still update my website but only part time as I have completed the bulk of it).

Ideas please?

I am not looking for a work from home business, rather something which will allow me to work with people. I had thought about a candy store, a printing business, cleaning homes etc.. I am still edging towards the candy store as there are none in my area.

Can anyone think of anything else I can do full time please?

I am extremely motivated, so if you think your ideas are a little extreme please do not hesitate to post them. The bigger the better, the more work the better, the more unusual the better.

Asked Dec 28, 2014
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