I feel so insecure about myself

Everytime that I go to malls and I see girls who have a white rosy skin, a skinny body, a shiny long hair and a flawless face , I can't help but feel insecure about myself and sometimes I isolate myself from anyone else and I really feel so ugly that sometimes I just wanna locked myself in my room. So here's the list of what part of my body that I'm insecure with:

1. Acne on my face- I have a pretty bad case of acne on my face since I was in first year highschool. Sometimes, I get so shy when talking to people because I feel thoat my face is kinda gross. I tried many soaps and creams like ponds, kojic soap, toners, moisturizers, erase but none of them worked for me and I really got dissapointed because my face got worse but thank God it's a lot better now. I just need to get rid of the blemishes on my face.
2. My slightly fat body- I feel so fat because I can't wear my dresses and tank tops because they do not fit my body and my waistline become 29 from being 24 and I really get frustrated everytime that I go shopping in malls because I really have a hard time in picking shirts.
3. My dark underarms, elbows and knees- I get so shy when it comes to wearing miniskirts and chubes because I can't raise my underarm and I can't show my knees because it's dark. I just wanna be comfortable in wearing those so I wanna lighten up those areas and our senior prom and grad. ball is coming up and you don't wanna see me wearing a long sleeve gown that reaches to the floor plus it's really required in my school to wear cocktail dresses or gowns during those events.


1. My curly , dark hair- I have this kind of hair since I was born and still have that till now but not as curly when I was a kid because my hair got rebonded but it still have a few curls .
2. My dark eyes and long lashes- People say that I have beautiful eyes. It's kinda like I'm always wearing an eyeliner and an eyelash curler but I always say to them that I naturally have it.
3. My thin long legs- Not to brag but I'm quite tall and they say I have those barbie-like legs and it was kinda flawless but the problem is I have dark knees.

So if you wanna help me with my problem or if you have any recommended products for me then just comment/answer below. It would be a big help for me and I would like to thank you for reading my question even if it's long. (:

Asked Dec 25, 2014
Edited Dec 25, 2014
Answered Dec 25, 2014
I'm sure you're gorgeous just keep you're head up and have pride in yourself.
Answered Dec 25, 2014

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