Infected cut?

A week ago a got bad rug burns that peeled off my skin and left minor cuts. I cleaned the wounds and bandaged them and have changed bandages a few times. However, two days ago I got strep throat and didn't change my bandages bc I was too distracted by my throat pain. I went to the doctor and got antibiotic pills for my strep throat. Then when I got back I remembered to change my bandages and one of the minor cuts now has a light, but still pretty vibrant green circular layer in the center of the cut. I also had slight liquid puss discharge and it smells slightly. I'm assuming this means it is infected. How seriously should I be taking this? Should I see a doctor right away or are their things I can do at home? Will the antibiotics given for my strep throat also help the infected cut?
Asked Dec 20, 2014
You need to clean your wounds with dettol, or some kind if disinfectant(a chemical that destroys bacteria). Clean it several times a day, and bandage it up, and make sure no dust or dirt goes into it. If you go to a doctor they would most likely tell you what I have told you, and give you an antibiotic, how ever since you are already on antibiotic they may not put you on any extra antibiotic. If you like you can send me a picture of your infection, so I maybe able to tell you how infected it is.

Im also a student of first aid.

Answered Dec 21, 2014

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