Has anyone seen anything like this?

So my landlord had this little number installed in my house and I've never heard of or seen anything like it before and I'm just looking for someone who can verify the validity of his claim that it is a temperature monitor system? I just don't really trust people and I've heard of some crazy things people have done.

It's just a small white box about an inch and a half square and about a quarter of an inch thick. It has a small hole in one of the corners where it's nailed onto the wall. And it has a small white cloud inscribed on the side that's facing out. Here's a picture if the moderators will allow it:
Asked Dec 11, 2014
Well it looks like some sort of recording device to be honest. The cloud inscribed on the side I would assume means that it is a Cloud based technology, meaning that whatever its purpose, it syncs with an online storage database. I honestly don't think it is a temperature monitor. Those holes on the front look like its for sound. I'd wait to see if someone else can shed more light.

If you can, have him verify it in a way that makes you feel comfortable! There are a lot of creeps out there who like to take advantage.

Good luck!
Answered Dec 11, 2014
After some tireless searching, I found it. If anyone else comes acrossed this post some day, here's what I dug up. It is, in fact, a temperature and humidity monitor.
Well shit.. lol

Thank god, that would've been awkward.
HeX Dec 13, 2014

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