How to pleasure my boyfriend?

Its a good, solid, strong relationship, but we want to take it further. We have already talked about our limits. He mentioned fingering me, which I would enjoy but am nervous. If it happens then what do I do when he fingers me? Also, how do I pleasure him? That's my main priority in this question. We will be with eachother for a few hours, and we wont have sex now because we decided that should wait. I've never been fingered before, and I've never pleasured a guy in this way before either. He's also new to it. How do I do this? Other people will be at the house too so it can't be anything too big.
Do I shave? What do I do about razor bumps?
How do I pleasure my boyfriend?
Thank you for any answers

New: I am going to see him this weekend so answers before that are very much thanked.

New: Thank you for your great answer Hex! It helps a lot.
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Asked Dec 10, 2014
Edited Dec 12, 2014
Honestly just relax. I'm assuming you guys already know how to start out, meaning get ready for the act (meaning foreplay), so after that everything just kind of comes naturally. I'm going to be telling this from a guy's perspective. I'm sure he's watched enough porn to know how fingering works, so I won't explain that, but one thing I always make sure of before I go right for it is easing in the fingers at first. Make sure you're wet enough or it'll hurt you. While he proceeds there's a number of things you can do depending on the position he's in. You guys could: hook-up; you could pleasure him with your hands as he does you with his; you could just lay there until he finishes and then pleasure him; and the list goes on from there. Trust me, if he's watched enough porn, he'll know how to continue (that's how I learned pretty much everything, and my girlfriend was shocked that I was so knowledgeable when we started doing stuff).

As far as shaving goes, ask him. Most people now prefer their partner to be clean shaven, but it's completely up to preference. I honestly don't care too much when I'm just fingering her, but normally I eat her out rather than just finger her, so then the hair becomes more of an issue for me. Again, it's a preference thing. Everybody gets razor bumps, so DO NOT BE NERVOUS! If he really has an issue with them, he's going to have trouble finding another person who doesn't get them when they shave.


P.S. A lot of guys just go for whatever when their fingers are down there, so be helpful for him and yourself and talk him through what feels good and what doesn't while in the act.

Hope this helps! --HEX
Answered Dec 12, 2014

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