What should you do when I'm 15 year old loves a 22 year old?

So I really like this guy who is a seven years older. but he's so nice to me and really likes me to but because he's Mexican and aim white and in fostercare and im 15 years old so. I went on facebook and saw that he added me I was over thrilled and I really want to go out with him now I hate being alone and I dont no what to do or what to say to him im so confused
Asked Dec 10, 2014
don't do it.
1. he can get in a lot of trouble
2. why does a 22 year old want anything to do with a 15 year old like that.
3. if anyone finds out the police can be involved.
Answered Dec 11, 2014
I have a friend that lives in Alaska who had the same kind of situation. The result of her situation was pregnancy, so I would rethink your situation before you make any moves. She's 19 now, and he's 26. That's 7 years apart. She was pregnant at 16. AT 16. I don't know this guy so I can't make any judgement saying that his only intention is SEX, but it is normally the case when it comes to that big of an age difference. I get that you might think you're mature enough for him, and that you can handle yourself, but please be careful. I will say that they are together at the moment, but they have been through so many breakups and are barely together now.

Honestly, it's just bad news to be involved with somebody that old at your age. I can understand your desires, but think of this logically. You're 15, he's 22. Men at this age are driven towards pretty much one thing, and I'll let you guess what that is. Like I said, MOST, not ALL. Again, I don't know him. If you guys have already had sex, and it's been less than [let's just say a year], but a few months, I would say that's probably one of the main reasons he's involved with you.

Please, for the love of GOD (or pancakes, whichever you prefer), THINK. I understand you're lonely, I used to be the same way, but THINK.

Good Luck!
Answered Dec 11, 2014
if you really want him and he really wants you then you'll both wait for eachother,,,,, I would'nthave intercoarse yet but blowjob n anal is fine till your older,,,do you both get aroused for eachother? if not then its just puppy love n best to stay away
Answered Jun 05, 2017

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