My girlfriend doesn't want me to be around her best friend?

My girlfriend and I have been a couple for a little over a year now.

Before then and while I was courting her, she, her best friend (female) and I would hang out on occasion. I have known the two of them for about the same amount of time but had always been interested in my now girlfriend.

But since we became an official couple, I haven’t seen her best friend since. According to my girlfriend, the reason for why that was at first was because her friend was a little bitter about her having a boyfriend (even though she wasn't being abandoned or neglected by my gf). But considering how long it's been since then, I don't know why the three of us haven't hung out again.

My girlfriend has since also explained how her friend may have had a crush on me which made my gf uncomfortable (and that my gf also felt like a 3rd wheel when we three got together). I'll admit, her friend sure would talk a lot (and somewhat specifically to me) and my now gf and I could barely speak to each other when we 3 did.

The thing is though, whenever I ask about us getting together, she just says ''maybe.'' Frankly, her best friend isn't a good or long time friend to me or anything like that. But my gf's stubbornness and denying us 3 from getting together makes me want to. And the get togethers were still kind of fun.

So, what's the deal? Should I let it go? Stop asking? Set up a hang out myself? Who's in the wrong here?

We are all in our mid twenties.
Asked Dec 02, 2014
Shes obviously jealous
Answered Dec 03, 2014

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