Special Paranormal Abilities?!

I'm 15 right now.

Maybe a year or two back my Nan/Grandmother went to a psychic type of person. ( my nan believes in that sort of thing)

This woman had told my nan that I ( ME ) were different, and that if I wanted to I would be able to see things and feel things that not everyone can feel, but I have to train the ability? ( See/Talk to ghosts/spirits basically)

I know this sounds so childish and fake, but it's not I promise.

It took my family a few months to say anything or tell me because they said that they thought it would scare me too much. I'm not going to lie, I kind of get freaked out a little.

I never thought much of it. A lot of times I get the feeling there's people around me but I imagine everyone gets that feeling.

My dad tells stories of him remembering he could see people and used to speak to people that weren't really there. And that was mentioned at the Psychic reading. The psychic reader said that this type of ability can get passed down through families?

I thought I'd share this with everyone. I don't know what category to put it in. Let me know if you believe in this sort of thing. Or if you've had similar experiences. :D
Asked Nov 28, 2014
i actually hear people shouting my name and I feel like someone is watching me when I know that nobody is there and this happens to me all the time its kinda scary and I do believe in this sort of thing !..
Answered Nov 28, 2014
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