Should I ask my boyfriend if he have another girlfriend beside me?

A girl text me today telling me why I am dating her boyfriend. she asking if he have not told me that he already have a girlfriend. also she say that she see all the conversation. that me and him have my boyfriend and I have two moth together but we are in long distance relation ship. before we started dating he asks me if I was single and told him , that I was and he told that he was single too then he ask me to be he girlfriends and I ever before I got the chance to write him he told me he was busy working, that he he will write me when he finish working and that he love me. should I just ignore that girl message because she might his ex-girlfriend and telling that they still together , so I can break up with him. If that girl is his ex-girlfriends what should I tell her back. well I don`t know how to react to this because this is my first time being in a relationship. so please help on this . please answer this question as and fast as possible. hint: I am not mad at him but I am a little bit scare to start to talk to him right now because I don`t want my jealous or mean side to come out.
Asked Nov 26, 2014
Ask him straight and direct. This matter is important enough to be clarified and sorted out.
Answered Nov 27, 2014
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