Lost sd card with personal pics- any chances of people misusing them?

my friend's phone had been robbed and in his SD card, there are lots of pics of mine. there is no lock to the sd card. is there any chance of people misusing my pics? if so, how can I get to know about that? im so worried. please help me out
Asked Nov 25, 2014
They will be able to see them. Delete them, Copy them, Move them, etc.

You wont be able to know if they have been seen.

If this lowlife robber has any brain cells he would remove the SD card so the smartphone can't be tracked. This means he may of thrown it in the bin. Therefore nobody will ever see the pics again.

BUT, He may be looking at the photos right now as I'm writing this. There's no way to 'misuse' the pics, unless they are nude pics? Then he may be able to misuse them in a weird way....

Anyway, get back with more details.
Answered Nov 28, 2014

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