Should I call the police?

Should I call the police on my sister for domestic violence? Yesterday me and my sister were fighting and she started to repeatedly slap me and then scratched me in the eye. In response I punched her back and this is when the fight began. My uncle and my mom were breakin up the fight but my mom told me to go to my room. I can my sister yelling at my uncle " you have no job your a failure ", she said " haha your not going to live in the us because your not getting your green card " to my foreign cousin, and said " hope you die in. Hell " to my mom. My sister went upstairs and started to beat me and my mom stopped her and told me to go to her room. So I ran to her room and my sister followed me and started to beat me again. My mom and my uncle stopped my sister while I ran outside waiting for my dad to come home. I realized I was bleeding heavily on both my feet. My sister started to insult everyone in the family and physically attacking everyone. I think she is a psychopath, and this is not an insult I really think she is a pychopath. Should I call the police for domestic violence.
Asked Nov 23, 2014
How old is she? If it's important to call the police, your parents or family will call so let them deal with the adult situation. I'm assuming you're a teen but I'm not sure. Your parents and older family members will call if they think it's necessary. Don't worry about it.
Answered Nov 23, 2014

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