Am I thick and curvy or fat? Do guys like thick girls?

I feel like I'm fat but all my friends and family call me curvy but I call myself fat. I'm a size 9 in junior pants and a size medium in shirts. Like above my hips I know are regular. I have a flat stomach and it doesn't have wrinkles or fat rolls. I don't have any fat rolls anywhere. I feel like I have fat thighs and a big butt. My friends say lots of guys like thick girls and a big butt. My friend told me that she'd rather have thick thighs like me and a flat stomach like me instead of a roll on her stomach from slouching and thin thighs. I just want to know what guys like and of I'm fat or thick. The guy I like tells me my thighs are thick and touches them all the time and stuff. That's a whole other story so anyways, I just want your input please. Thanks and please no mean comments. My mom says I'm muscular but idk. Please answer soon. Thanks for all nice input. I want honesty in a nice way. I'm almost 13. Btw, the person that I like that I said calls me thick and touches my thighs is black just if that says anything. I'm a white girl though so yeah. He did that today too. Am I fat or thick and do guys like that?
Asked Nov 21, 2014
Edited Nov 21, 2014
No you're fine! It doesn't sound like its a problem at all, so there's no need to be concerned about it. Nobody else thinks your fat, so all you have to do is realize you aren't and then you won't be worried anymore. ^.^
Answered Nov 21, 2014
Thank you so much for commenting! Do you know if guys like thick girls or just girls that are like size 0-4?
NoneYa Nov 21, 2014
Both, just depends on the guy I think. o.o

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