Am I able to re-appeal back child support as custodial parent?

I went to child support court about a month ago and the judge took away my back child support due to the father saying in court that I never informed him about the child. I did let the judge know that I did inform the father that I was pregnant but I never did call him to let him know that he was having a son or that the baby was here due to the situation and circumstances. During court I never thought about different text messages that I have and face book notifications in regards to conversations that were brought about in reference to my son due to the pressure something I have never been threw before; is it to late to try to re appeal the decision due to lack of evidence on my behalf of my sons father knowing that he was the father???????
Asked Nov 18, 2014
What state?? That sounds weird but the courts can do what they want that's why it's best to make a decision between the two of u instead of the attorney general they don't rep the parents or the child just they represent the state they can't enforce visitation rights they just want their cut bc if they garnish wages or he pays with money orders whatever they tax it they get their cut it sucks I'm about to go thru the same thing here in a few days but we have had an agreement amongst each other and he's been just giving me cash when he sees her works out fine with me but the state opened a case bc our daughter receives state medicaid so someone got to pay taxes on that u know so they just did it them selves I hate it
Answered Jun 02, 2016

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