I'm starting to hate women

I don't want to hate them so read this before you start spewing judgment. I am really annoyed with and disappointed in females, and I've known before I hate most men. So really I hate mostly everyone, but my relationships with some of my female friends even seem jeopardized because girls are constantly annoying me all together to the point that I'm starting to see all of them as that way. As naggy, and despite the stereotype put on them as overly sensitive, pretty insensitive actually, and whorish and bitchy etc. Basically everything I used to hate for people to label them as which is the irony of it. But now I'm understanding why they did that. I really don't want to feel this, because I mostly used to love them so much and so deeply sympathize with the struggles they have because of their gender and I'd put other guys in check if they criticized them unjustly etc. Basically I was so appreciative of women and in love with just the idea of them, the essence of what it is to be a woman, just the little things they do and any girl who could accurately portray that. But now they really really really suck in my opinion mostly and just all around disgust me. And I don't know what to do. Unlike other guys though, I actually want to fix this so don't give me shit. And no I'm not gay, before you even ask, I feel more like if the personality wont fit everything else about the person goes to shit. I may be initially attracted to someone but if I see how they act or talk and am not please my sexual attraction is non existent for them. they might just be aesthetically pleasing on a low level and I don't believe in meaningless sex this whole slut culture of america deeply pisses me off and grosses me out. But anyway that's not the point.
Asked Nov 18, 2014
I have no idea thanks though from a girl not a women haha. Agree some are scary if you get my drift??? haha

Not much help....
~ Singalways age 12
Answered Nov 18, 2014

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