How can I trust my boyfriend after he cheated?

okay, so, here goes. me and my boyfriend first got together 5 years ago after a year or so of being really close friends, whilst we were both still in school. now automatically I understand some people may turn their noses up at my situation because i'm "too young to be worrying about it" but just because i'm fairly young it doesn't mean it doesn't matter. so, things were great at the beginning, then we started arguing a lot. neither of us are jealous people, we're both territorial. he started getting a bit overprotective, which then lead me to be the same - yes, recipe for disaster. for eg. he had a really close girl friend who he would blow me off for and go to the cinema with etc, whilst getting the hump with me for having guy school friends. we split up a few times, longest period for about a month. situations got bad, his dad passed away with cancer, his mum got ill by drinking and I believe that and us being bad lead him to doing it. a year before I found out I heard a rumour, that I confronted him about and he said it wasn't true, I then found out to be true... in the time we split up for the month he had slept with another person (which yeah I guess is okay in some peoples eyes because we technically wasn't together, but it still hurt and the fact he lied about it...?) however I didnt find this out until the end when I found out the rest. okay so, things started getting worse, he worked full time and never wanted to see me when we hardly saw eachother, and when we did he "had to go" about 8pm to make sure his younger brother was okay (he was 17)... so yeah that instantly put doubts in my mind. then the main point of my story, at his brothers wedding (at this point we had been together 3 1/2 years), he was being sick in the toilet, me being the good girlfriend I am I was rubbing his back and holding his phone for him, and the worst happened.. a message popped up. I knew I shouldn't have but I did because of the context of the message. I went down his phone and found out he had cheated on me 6 times in all. I knew I loved him, he was my best friend, and most importantly my first love. I wanted to stay with him. I knew I couldn't. I hid it from everyone, I lost a stone in weight in a week from the shock and then people started to realise something was wrong. so I told them, he broke my heart and then left me. I know that needed to happen but I was so blinded. 9 months went on and in that time I tried to move on because I knew he was doing the same thing. I met someone. he was a great guy. I knew he wasnt him but I didnt let that affect the budding relationship that could turn into something special. but it did, my ex boyfriend found out and text me the usual "i love you" and "im so sorry" .... bla bla bla. and then I saw him out and everything about him seemed so different, from the way he dressed to his facial hair that he had finally grew. he looked at me in a way that he never had before, he couldnt take his eyes off me. I went home that night and cried my eyes out. thats how I knew I still loved him, even after the way he completely ruined my life, the way he broke my heart. so I had to call it off with the other guy because I knew it wasnt fair. months went on and I met him a few times and went on little dates, something we never ever done before, and it was nice. now we're back together, we have both grown up and I know some people may judge me, but I do love him. the only thing stopping my happily ever after is my head. how do I learn to trust him? and I mean really trust him.
Asked Nov 17, 2014
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It is a chance that you might wanna take.
Yes people can change...but don't let your guard down...don't be scared but always be prepared for anything that may come.
Answered Dec 07, 2014
My ex and I were together for 2 years. We finally ended things because he said our relationship wasn’t progressing and he didn’t think I was the once. Ouch. So a year later it has been on and off again torture. I do no contact, he pops back up, same thing different day. So finally he gets mad at me because i’m a writer and he stumbled upon some blogs I had written about us (i NEVER used his name and the only people who would ever know are people who already knew) but he was pissed. He said that he kept trying to end things but that I wouldn’t leave him alone! But I still loved that fool. I had to get him back. I’m very spispell person so I start looking for that kind of help. My best friend adviced me this website and I order love spell. Waiting, and waiting….and suddenly he call me. He apologized about everything and ask me if I still loved him. Certainly I tell him that I still have feelings for him. We end up together. Today we are very good couple.
Answered May 26, 2015

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