How to wind up the lunch lady without having to get into big trouble?

Sorry for the length of this but I felt it was necessary:

Basically, at school there is this cleaner who is the main lunch lady at lunch to where me and my friends sit at break. The breakout area where we sit is just loads of different tables and a few computers and sofas and comfy chairs in the back corner. In yr 7 we had issues between my friends and a few people form the year above us until yr 8 and during that time the lunch lady had stuck up for us and was nice to us. Well we are in yr 10 now and all she does is bully us every day at lunch. She is always complaining about us being the main problem when really we are just doing the same as everyone else. She says that we are first there and last to leave which isn't even true. We are let out fairly late from our classes therefore don't get there until 5 minutes into break although I do admit we are kind of last to leave but not always. She always tries to tell other teachers how we cause a lot of trouble for her and how we are such a big problem. Another thing I will admit is that if she says something I can quite easily give a sarcastic answer to I will say what I think otherwise I will just take it over the top. She tells us to leave when we are still eating and if I say something she don't let us leave. Also, she always tries to argue with us like we are the biggest enemy of her life or something. She is always telling us to take bags off of the table and silly little things. Tells us that if we laugh shell give us isolation or kick us out although we can be quite giggly. One thing that makes it worse is that she has the most annoying voice ever I could strangle her.

I apologise for the long story but I felt it needed to be said to be able to understand the situation. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer.
Any advice ??????
Please no advice that includes being nice to her or apologising to her or anything like that and no hate answers plz ................
Asked Nov 11, 2014
Edited Nov 11, 2014

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