How to get respect from a teammate when you've done nothing wrong?

I'm going into my senior year of track and field this year, im a sprinter, second fastest on my team behind my teammate, who I feel has no respect for me. We've been sprinting together since middle school, and he's a great role model to a lot of people, everybody loves him and respects him (that and the fact that he's one of our fastest football players too, lots of girls love him more than me, even though I'm insanely nice to all girls I ever meet). He loves everybody and respects everybody on our sprint team, all except me for some reason.

Small facts about us

•We're both seniors in high school
•We're both sprinters (I'm a 200/400m guy, he's a 100/200m guy)
•Ironically, we both have the same first name, just spelled differently.
•I'm slightly taller and older than him, but he's a bit more muscular than I am.
•In the fall, I run cross country while he plays varsity football
•He kinda has a vulgarly funny attitude, I don't, I can't make sexual wise cracks like he can which all the other sprinters on our team find hilarious about him.
•He's my sprint coach's (who's also head of boys track coach) favorite sprinter, while I'm 2nd favorite.

Whenever he talks to me, he's always giving me negative compliments, always telling me what I do wrong, even about stuff not involving track itself, and always giving me silence and always has something to say to put me down for some reason, which is weird because he was the team captain for the past two years and to think you'd expect captains to give respect to everybody. And when he talks about captains, he says about how all the upper sprinters should deserve the captain privelage, all except me. I just wanna know what his deal with me is, he's always been like this to me and only gets worse with it. Is there anyway I can get respect from him? Or do I stick with my senior year just ignoring him? And why does he treat me like this?
Asked Nov 04, 2014
Why don't you just ask him and see what he says. If he doesn't have a decent answer just ignore him...he's a asshole and shouldn't be captain of anything.
Answered Nov 05, 2014

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