Suitable Clothes for Horse Riding?

I may be going horse riding again soon, although I don't know, but if I did go again I would obviously have to wear suitable clothing. I already have some riding boots from when I used to ride (my feet grow really slowly LOL), but would a simple polo shirt and sweater/jumper, soft seamless tracksuit bottoms (they're not baggy, but I could tuck them into my boots if needed) and a riding helmet be fine? There's a tack and gear shop near where I live, so I could buy the helmet there but they're expensive, and although I have money, I could only pay for a few lessons a month on the money I have (of course, I can do chores and stuff for extra allowance).
Asked Nov 01, 2014
PANTSSSS riding boots and a tshirt that's what I wear.
Answered Nov 01, 2014
Thanks- sorry for the late reply, I was doing homework. I have long black leather boots with a 1 inch heel (I think they're Denver Saddlery brand?)- are they suitable? I also have mucker/yard boots. Could you also answer my other question on convincing parents to let me ride again? Thanks a bunch!
Your boots will be fine and so might the track suit bottoms are ok too
rcr12 Nov 01, 2014
Yeah your boots will be great. Just try to avoid shorts at all costs because depending on what Ur doing it can seriously hurt ur thighs and give u blisters and stuff. So track pants are great. Yeah of course! Although I can't guarantee I can be much help cause I'm doing the same thing!
I go horse riding and I go in these things that look like geans but are tights and they are long and comfy which I love and you do not need some fancy shirt I just were a te-shirt or long sleeve shirt and you will need a riding helmet that is it. Have fun!
Answered Nov 01, 2014
Thanks- I've been talking to my parents and now they are considering letting me ride again.
For horse riding and any other outdoor activity, it is very important to wear comfortable clothes, the clothes such as Carhartt pants, camouflage pants and drake clothing etc. are best for outdoor activities.
Answered May 07, 2015

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