Convincing Parents to Let Me Go Horse Riding Again?

I used to horse ride regularly, which my parents were fine with, until I had a bad fall, when I stopped. I now want to go again, as I loved it, and would be committed, and money isn't an issue as I can pay myself for a few lessons a month. When ever I make a subtle hint to my parents they either brush it off as a joke or say something like, "Well, you tried that and it didn't work out, " before changing the subject. How should I approach them and ask them about going again?
Asked Nov 01, 2014
You have to tell them that you are fine from your fall. I did have a fall once but not a bad one and loved riding and horses so much that I got back on and rode. You have to them that you are confident in riding again and it is something you love. Many parents take this as a phrase if you love horse. Mine do all the time but now I am actually getting one. Take a couple of lessons and make you parents come and see how happy you are riding. Say that you need to talk to them about horses and if they try and change the subject change it back to horses. Or say you want to try riding again and see how it goes. Everyone has bad falls and your parents need to learn that this is a part of life if you wish to ride horses and it happens in every day life. Have fun and good luck!
Answered Nov 01, 2014
Sorry it is sooo long
rcr12 Nov 01, 2014
Thank you so much- the length isn't important, it was really informative. Thanks again and sorry for the late reply.
It is fine
rcr12 Nov 02, 2014
:) thx again
Well one even the best riders have fallen once. You have to tell them that you are okay from the fall and u are willing to start over again knowing what you know now. :)
Sorry I couldn't help more. Im in the same boat :P
Answered Nov 02, 2014
One fall is okay... You LOVE HORSES. How much wouldn't you love horses if your username is horselover? Ask your parents that you want to go. NO more sugarcoating. Look straight at them in the eye, and tell them, "I. Think. That. I. Should. Be. Able. TO. GO. Horseriding. Again." Just keep in mind that your parents are trying to take care of you and keep you safe...
Answered Nov 03, 2014
Thanks- I'll be trying that. My determined stare can actually be pretty intimidating, at least enough for them to know I'm fine or I wouldn't be asking.

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